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collab coolness

2010-07-20 23:24:44 by holyforks

check it space cats!
im going to be in 3 different collabs

- dont ask me (by ok go) collab created by the collab crazy mr-womble
no thread
- graffiti collab created by the funk-tastic RESPRiT
- Stick Showdown Collab #4 created by the stick rabid SHOQ

collab coolness


2010-07-02 06:15:49 by holyforks

so the trailer for Dark castle (working title) is going to have to be put back because of other projects.

Talking about other projects, im currently working on the ''dont ask me'' collab
(dunno if there's still parts left but go try!) and a joint with animator Ska-Muffin.

If anyone is interested in a joint just hit me up. My style is very versatile and
i'd love to try something new.


DC- first try

2010-06-07 15:00:43 by holyforks

finally got enough content to post something. I've been out (RL caught up with me)
for a long time but im back now!

Im working fulltime on my next big project. An action packed 1 button game. I will probably have a trailer
ready by the end of the month. I didn't want to post anything until I at least had enough to show.

The game will contain 9 levels each with a boss.
so far only lvl 1 is completed but things are coming along great.

DC- first try

new year!

2010-01-03 22:37:10 by holyforks

Its a new year, a new day and as good of a time as any to empty
my work-in-progress folder and start anew. So, with all that new year spirit in mind,

here's to another year of delayed projects!

new year!

new stuff

2009-12-19 15:10:27 by holyforks

tried out sticks - not really my thing. Its hard to make anything else but fight videos since there not that expressive. I guess its the kind of things you start off with, perfect it then move on. Still I had alot of fun and it made me want to try different things so next week rotoscoping!
...just a heads up : im not gonna touch sprite movies

new stuff


2009-11-17 23:49:45 by holyforks

I finally prove i'm not above sending crap once in a while


2009-09-29 19:31:27 by holyforks

Back from the depths of your mind!
...if you remember me.

anyway trying to shake off the rust and I think it worked perfectly

you can also download the song free of charge and with full consent of the creator here : omesweet/twoTek/

nothing to do but continue

2009-08-07 21:33:16 by holyforks

well Im finally out of my period of lazyness and back on the animating side of newgrounds

nothing to do now but continue making stuff!

side project

2009-07-04 19:20:08 by holyforks

HEY! im working on a side project along with CM and its advancing pretty smoothly
look forward to it in 2-3 weeks tops

side project

art portal

2009-06-18 23:16:57 by holyforks

YEAH! An art portal was just inevitable at this point.
Now newgrounds can really say : everything by anyone

but on a sadder note I don't really think Im going to use it.
to much of a hassle.

art portal