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2010-07-02 06:15:49 by holyforks

so the trailer for Dark castle (working title) is going to have to be put back because of other projects.

Talking about other projects, im currently working on the ''dont ask me'' collab
(dunno if there's still parts left but go try!) and a joint with animator Ska-Muffin.

If anyone is interested in a joint just hit me up. My style is very versatile and
i'd love to try something new.



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2010-07-05 19:03:57

2 things.

1: I will try not to let you down

2: Do you think they will like it? Do you think it will look funny because of out different styles? Or would it make it better?

holyforks responds:

well just have to see.
Its the kind of things were the clash of styles could be interesting.